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Bucks County Police Association

The Bucks County Police Association was founded in 1936:

  • We currently maintain a pistol range utilized by 23 Bucks County Law Enforcement Departments

    • This range is a primary location for the training of the Central and South Central Bucks County Response Teams

    • And also training for the Bucks County Hostage Negotiations Team

  • The Bucks County Police Association also provides resources to the Bucks County Police Training Center located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. In addition to its regular programming, this is the site where all the police officers in Bucks County receive their Mandatory In-Service training


Our mission is to promote cooperation among law enforcement personnel including Police Departments, Bucks County Department of Corrections, Bucks County Adult Probation and the Parole Department. Also, by supporting professional training, the Bucks County Police Association helps our officers to better serve the citizens and visitors of Bucks County ensuring the safety and well being of everyone they serve.   Learn more...

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Training Opportunities

NOTICE: The Bucks County Police Association's fund raiser letter has been mailed. There has been concerns as to the legitimacy of the correspondence. We have included a link to the official letter here so you can rest assured, we are a true 501 (c) (5) organization. We thank you for your continued support!


The Bucks County Police Association, which was founded in 1936, is dedicated to the training and education of law enforcement personnel throughout Bucks County.

With a range and two (2) classroom facilities at its 23 ½ acre property in Bedminster Township, the Bucks County Police Association provides the funding, resources and facilities needed to meet the standards and requirements established by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for firearms training and other professional development programming.

If you would like to verify the letter you received is from the Bucks County Police Association, you can download our official letter here (PDF).

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